On Sewing

Don’t get excited, I haven’t actually started sewing anything yet, just have started doing lots and lots of sewing research.

See, this is how I start a new craft or activity, I do a whole ton of reading beforehand about tools, techniques, and masters of the craft. Then, hestitantly, I buy one “set” of beginner’s supplies. With knitting, it was  knitting books from the library, basic bamboo size 9 needles, and some crappy acrylic. With running, it was running shoes, headphones that actually stayed in my ears, and non-cotton running clothing. With sewing, I already have a yard each of two organic cottons (bright turquoise and dark brown, imagine that) and some thread so I’ll likely only be picking up some hand sewing needles and dropping off my machine to get serviced / oiled.

Because I don’t actually have any of my own work to show you, I’ll stick to showing some of my favorite patterns/projects I’ve found in my research.

Then there’s the project ideas. Oh boy, do I have a long list of projects I want to make. I blame a combination of Pinterest and the sewing groups on Ravelry for these. So many pretty, simple projects! I could hand sew many of these but I like to prentend I’ll soon have a perfectly working machine that I know how to use.

Note: None of these are my photos, they belong to the authors of the linked pages. Don’t use without also linking to where they’re from.

Buttercup Bag: Cute bag of the perfect size for when I don’t need to haul everything I own around with me.

Awesome Bag: Very appropriately named. The buttons let you adjust the length of the strap on the fly. I love cross-body bags but would love having the option to switch it to a shoulder bag while out and about.

Verypurple’s Reversible Bag: Perfect shape and size for my knitting and journal to fit in while I’m shopping around town. And great instructions for a first time reversible bag maker. I made a few similar bags years ago and wish I’d had such a clear tutorial then. Alison already showed interest in one of these so the first one I make will be for her (I need color preferences, A).

Circle skirt: Much more tutorial than pattern but she explains the math for anyone who needs it. I would love this to be my first project but I don’t have quite enough fabric for it. (Also see Maggie’s description of her experience of making herself a circle skirt. Very enlightening.)

Party skirt: Probably a little too advanced to be a first project but it’s a classic shape (and one that I know looks amazing on my body type).

Jamie dress: Apparently one of the most popular dress patterns on Burda Style and I can see why. I’ll still have to wear a sweater over it (yeah, not too comfortable with exposed arms) but it’s very cute.

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4 thoughts on “On Sewing

    • It could totally be a diaper bag! It would only fit one diaper and nothing else but your car keys but, technically… ;) I would offer to sew you a diaper bag but, yeah, that would probably end in total disaster.

  1. Such lovely things! My sewing machine and I really need to stop being terrified of each other… I love the buttercup bag, the party skirt and the Janie dress, they’re gorgeous!

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