OLW – Intentions for 2013

The first assignment in the One Little Word class for 2013 was to think about twelve intentions for the year and create little intentions cards with those on them. They’re then put on a page that’s kept at the front of what will be your album for this project. At first, I didn’t want to make cards at all. I just wanted to keep my thoughts in my little specially-chosen notebook where no one would ever see them. Then, I realized that this was just cowardice (really, that’s spelled like that, huh..). In other words, I didn’t think my cards would be worthy enough creatively in terms of how they’d look or that my intentions themselves wouldn’t be worthy. But, hey, that’s the whole point of this OLW thing – to show myself that I really am worthy of taking the time to make my intentions more public.

I had this whole giant list of things that I wanted to focus on but, when I went to make my cards using the very little paper scrapbooking supplies I had, I only had enough of the same set of colors to make six cards. I took this as a sign that I only needed six, not the full twelve, and foraged ahead. I’ll be honest – the cards turned out a total mess and, to make things worse, I had this nagging feeling that I was cheating. And, really, I was. Having only six intentions meant I got to edit my list of twenty down to the six I thought were easiest. Didn’t have to face the ones that would be hard or uneasy.

This morning, I tossed those old cards and started a more complete set. I don’t have the cards themselves to show off – haven’t had time to scan them in and photos don’t work due to the shiny page protector they’re in – but I do have a written list of those intentions.

Jan: WORTHY documentation – Record life. Good and bad. As much as possible.

Feb: WORTHY friendship – Reach out to old friends. Attract new ones.

Mar: WORHTY mentoring – Identify a mentor. Find place at FIRST. (FIRST is the robotics program where I mentor HS students)

Apr: WORTHY exploration – See a new part of DC. Walk around the neighborhood.

May: WORTHY intellect – Learn somethign entirely new. Take the GRE.

Jun: WORHTY photography – Read the manual. Participate in challenges.

Jul: WORTHY appearance – Start running again. Accentuate the positive.

Aug: WORTHY culinary skills – Help Matt make meals. Cook a whole meal.

Sep: WORTHY organizing skills – Closets. Basements. Offices. Digital life.

Oct: WORTHY writing – Write everyday. Blog.

Nov: WORTHY creativity – Try painting. Don’t force it.

Dec: WORTHY kindness – Knit hats, give time, say hello to everyone.

I should have been random with my alignment of my intentions to each month but, let’s be real, that just isn’t my style. I’m too controlling. January and February are my two craziest months, with robotics after work two days a week and all day Saturday. In June we’re going to Spain so lots of photo opportunities. I am not going to start running again until it’s at least a bit warm out (though hopefully July isn’t *too* warm). So, I fiddled with the timing of each until it made the most sense.

Each month, I’ll (1) watch the video and do the exercise for the OLW online class, (2) expand on my intentions for that month, (3) create at least one scrapbooking page about how I implemented (successfully or not) those intentions and (4) attempt to remember to blog about all of that.

I’ll be back in a few days with my intentions for this month and the intention cards themselves, this month’s assignment.

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