WORTHY Documentation – January Intention

This month, my plan is to:

  • Take a self portrait daily. Attempt to take one non-self portrait daily. Post a photo a day to daily photo group with explanation on the key points of the day.
  • Take photos at FIRST, new places we visit, and around the house. Aim for 100 total non-self portraits this month.
  • Make a scrapbook page of the efforts this month (ok, this is an every month thing, but it first got put on my list when I was thinking through this month’s intentions)
  • Journal when in the mood but focus that journaling on the feelings of the day/time/event, not just what’s happening.
  • Pick a day and fully document it. [I chose Saturday, January 19th because it's a non-work day and should be a pretty typical Saturday during FIRST season.]

Usually I won’t develop my intentions so late in the month but this one’s a bit different as I signed up for the class late and FIRST just started and name your excuse. At the end of the month I’ll come back and tell how it all went down.

Before I go, here’s those intention cards I promised before. First scan is of the front of the page, second of the back. The tan colored “paper” is actually cut up file folders and the colored paper is from a pack of 2″ strips of cardstock I picked up at Michaels last fall. I’ve really got to get my hands on some more supplies if I want to keep up with the paper scrapping!
January Assignment - Intentions

January Assignment - Intentions
Until next month…

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