OLW – February Blog Hop

I decided to participate in the OLW February Blog Hop. It’s my first time doing one of these so I truly hope I do everything correct. The whole idea of this hop, like others, is to go from one blog to the next, reading about each person’s interpretation of the topic.


This month’s topic is our response to the January prompt of choosing a word and creating twelve intentions cards. I already wrote about that – and about my expanded intentions for January – so I’m going to be a rebel and write, instead, about the other scrapbook pages I’ve made in the last week or so – all having to do with OLW.

But, first, my title page. I decided I didn’t want to start with my intentions themselves, that the whole project needed a more formal introduction. I had leftovers of the bright pinks and purples from my intentions cards and decided to keep that same color scheme. I also used my new stamp set that I picked up last weekend to do a bit of lettering. As you can tell, I’ve almost never stamped anything other than a single stamp before so I need practice lining it all up.


I also made cards for my January intentions. Not sure why I picked pastels other than guilt over the fact they always wind up leftover at the end of a pack of paper. I’m not very happy with how this page turned out but I’m going to be good and not redo it.


Even though the whole Project Life thing sort of died last year, I did like having those pages of a photographic review of the entire month. It took just a short while to put the page together, though I did mess up when actually printing the photos (hence topics 1 and 3 sharing a photo). This page will be opposite the Jan intentions one so it also has a pastel theme.


Finally, here’s the two pages about my specific intention to pick a day and record it Day in the Life Style.

ditl19jan001 ditl19jan002

I’m particularly excited because this was my first time back at paper scrapping and – even more impressive – my first time printing any photos since our wedding. I just used the template Ali provided and put 9 photos per sheet, cutting them out and placing them, as required. Did it at Costco this AM via their website. Super easy and fairly cheap.

Now for the blog hop part. Next up is Janet

Here’s the whole list of participants, in case you want to skip farther ahead or go back to someone’s post.

Lee | Cheri | Lisa | Lynn | Nikki | Kathryn | Missus Wookie | Veronica | EydieKaren | Kelly | Melanie | Valerie | Marya | Nupur | Janet | Dona | Ruth | Naomi | Pam | Kara | Clare
Margareta | Tricia | Jacqueline

10 thoughts on “OLW – February Blog Hop

  1. OMG, I love your Tardis project! Did you design it yourself or did you buy a template? WANT! Good luck with the journey. (oh, and the worm fish hook on the left is cute!)

  2. Good for you following up and learning along the way. I love that about these courses. Trial and error and trial again and it all works out wonderfully :) Thanks for joining the hop!

  3. Glad you’ve started stamping. Hope you enjoy the OLW journey this year.

    Just to say, we like robotics here – Wookie was impressed with the FIRST photos, he does like a nice bit of welding. :)

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