FIRST 2012

Alternate title: I’ve almost been doing this longer than the students have been alive.

It’s January which means another FIRST Robotics season is upon us. This means six weeks of having nearly every thought consumed by robots and ten hours a week at the high school. This year, I’m finally not a student myself so I’ve got far more time to devote (and am actually available to answer questions).

First off, this year’s game. It’s basically a modified version of basketball. A three minute animation explaining it can be found here.

Again this year, we’re working with Thomas Jefferson, a magnet school for science and technology. The students are very smart, very driven, and basically just need our help to keep them from building something far too complicated and to re-explain how PID controllers work.

So far, they’ve got a priliminary design complete and have welded most of the chassis. Pretty good progress, seeing as we’re now about halfway through the six week build season.

And, now, photo overload.

Prototype Discussion
Welded Chassis
Broken Prototype

More shooter testing