so it continues

Things have been pretty crazy this month. Work week is full of stressful progress on a big project, weekends full of painting and landscaping. I’m ready for a vacation which, luckily, is less than two weeks away. I’ve been doing a bit of knitting, reading, and even writing but don’t much to show for any of that. So here’s my scrapbook pages for this month. Next post will likely be during or post-vacation. For now, I just don’t have enough energy left to say anything else.

April 1-7 (left side)

April 1-7 (right side)





What I’ve Been Up To

I’m still here, just busy with work and life. This’ll be a photo-less post, partly because I’m too lazy to dig through Flickr to find relevant photos, partly because I really don’t have that many. Maybe next week I’ll get back into the swing of things with posts with actual photos in them. Who am I kidding, it’ll probably be another month or two before I write another blog post with something that’s not just like “here’s my latest scrapbooking pages.”

So, what have I been doing? Well, working, knitting, scrapping, improving the house, enjoying the weather, planning vacation, and reading. Mostly working and reading (ok, and sleeping and eating but no one wants to hear about that).


Don’t worry, no boring details. Just know that work is busy and while it’s sometimes overwhelming, I’m enjoying my current project.


Ok, so I haven’t knit a single stitch in about three weeks but before that, I knit a shawl/scarf and about 2″ on a colorwork hat.

The shawl/scarf was Different Lines using bright blue and bright orange Neighborhood Fibre Co Studio Sock that I originally purchased to make the Steven West mystery shawl. It turned out HUGE and rather scarf-like due to how I blocked it. Of course, I forgot to really take photos of it once I gave it to the recipient (Anne, my Phi Rho big sister).

The colorwork hat actually isn’t one of the patterns I was trying to choose between a few months ago. It’s called Latvian Hat and I’m using Neighborhood Fibre Co in a white colorway that’s named, appropriately, after what Matt tells me is a very, er, racially non-diverse part of Baltimore and Miss Babs in Lilacs. Even though the pattern starts at the crown and gets larger, it’s still very slow to work a single round and the pattern requires rather a lot of conentration. It’s also at an awkward stage where it’s a bit too small to work on two needles comfortable but too large for only one. I put it aside once work got busy enough that I was only making myself more frustrated trying to work on it in the evening hours.


Despite not taking a whole bunch of photos lately, I have been keeping up with making at least one scrapbooking page a week. Some weeks, they’re rather unimpressive but it’s about recording what’s gone on, not always having a gorgeous page. I am going to try and pick up my picture-taking so it’s not quite so sad when I open up the week’s folder of photos and see only two in there. I’ll post pages from weeks 5 to I think we’re on 11 later this week. I also still need to finish the last few pages from our last Europe trip. I think maybe two need words then they’ll be done. Oh, and finally print some of these off, likely starting with Europe pages.

Improving the House

Nothing involving power tools or anything but quite an impressive list of small projects:

  • Hanging photos everywhere (my friend Lead provided opinions on good locales)
  • Installing a door sweep and fixing the screen on the porch door (Matt did most of this)
  • Picking out and trying a paint color for our bedroom (liked the color, will paint the whole thing starting this week)
  • Buying a new hanging birdfeeder – the old one had old feed permanantly stuck in it
  • Cleaning up the leaves / sticks / acorns / randomly strewn bricks in the backyard (Matt did most of the work here but I helped with some pickup and  moving of stuff to be picked up to the curb)

Enjoying the weather

Despite being mid-March, it’s been in the high 70s almost every day the last week or so, with mostly clear skies on top of it. We’ve already grilled out twice (burgers then chicken) and enjoyed several evenings of reading on the porch after work. I keep waiting for the weather report to talk about a return to colder temperatures but it’s supposed to remain warm at least for a few more days. Anyone know if this may mean I can get my hands on some good and not very expensive steamed crabs earlier this year than normal? The wait until Memorial Day may be the end of me. Ok, not really. I’m just impatient.

Planning vacation

Matt and I started a few weeks ago thinking about taking a summer vacation and where we wanted to go and all that. After lots of thinking and looking around, we decided we’re going to head to Ireland for 10 days in May.


Ever since Matt got me a Kindle about a month ago, I have been reading like a crazy person. I think the first book I read on it was an Agatha Christie book, quickly followed by memoirs, dystopian novellas, more Agatha Christie, two books about WWII with a time travel theme, and, most recently, a thriller. I won’t go into all of the details but you can check out what I’ve read on Good Reads.

So…what’s up with you all?

Life Recorded

We all have goals for the new year. We want to eat healthy, get in shape, explore new places, try new foods, keep in touch with old friends, and quit that one bad habit.I’ve got goals like that, sure, but there’s something else, too.

This year, I want to record my life. Not by forcing myself to do something daily like take a self portrait or blog or journal but by really taking the time to somehoe record what’s going on, whatever way I feel like doing it at that moment. Photos, blog posts, scrapbooking layouts, letters to no one, journals full of words – I don’t want to focus this year on the mdium but the actual act of recording. Just getting it on paper and out of my head.

See, I’m someone who is oddly forgetful. I can remember every single word to a song from a musical I was in back in fifth grade but ask me which little town I took that photo of the house with the yellow shutter back in October, and I’m clueless. Sure, it’s probably got something to do with the fact that it’s just a photo of a house I saw once and not a song I had drilled into my head by repeating it over and over. And that house has no memories tied to it. But that doesn’t mean I should forget it. I have the photo but everything else with it is gone.

Memories should be preserved, if only so you can look back and laugh at how silly you were back then. I want 2012 to be the first year I really record what I’ve seen, ate, regretted, enjoyed, and felt ambivalent about. I want to look back in ten years and actually have some idea of what was going on in my life and not just the highlights. I’ve got plenty of photos from big trips, family gatherings. You know, the stuff you’re supposed to take photos and write blog posts and make scrapbook pages about.

But my life happens(and changes) outside of those big, important events. I want to focus on recording the little moments between the big ones.

I’m not sure what form any of this will take and, for a control freak like me, that’s pretty terrifying. I’m just going to relax and record things when they happen. And maybe some of that recording will get shown off here. Maybe almost none of it will.

But, this year, 2012. I will record my life.

Life Recorded