It’s DONE!

I can stop saying “Once FIRST is over..” or “After FIRST..” because the robot is DONE. Okay, not totally complete and working 100% properly but it’s at least in the crate and sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Downtown LA. We won’t see it again until the regional Easter weekend (great timing, huh?). I’m sure we’ll have a couple meetings to get all of the tools together and iron out logistics prior to then but at least I get a break from robot-building. I’ve now got back my Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings as well as my Saturdays. Don’t get me wrong, I really love being a mentor and participating in FIRST in general but it’s nice to have my life back.

Oh, here’s a quick pic of the finished ‘bot, taken by Kathy, one of the teachers from the high school. If you click on it, you’ll see the Flickr page which shows the time the ‘bot was declared finished: 5:38 am (okay, that’s Eastern – it was 2:38 am here).

robot build 08 034 (2)