To put it simply, I haven’t felt like myself for a month and I’m finally starting to get myself back.


I won’t dwell on how or why I haven’t felt like me but, rather, what’s been helping me to get to being myself again.

Of course, Matt has helped immensely. He let me have only very temporary pity parties but also made me eat even though my jaw hurt*, go to the farmer’s market and have friends over for dinner when I didn’t feel social, work on my project although it was after bed time, took me to a big box craft store when I wanted to try cross stitch again, and even sat through a Disney cartoon when I was feeling nostalgic.

And then there was crafting. Crafting both makes me feel better and helps me to realize when I’m not feeling like myself. So it helped and didn’t, all at the same time.

I did a little cross stitch.

Back to it

Also, some knitting for baby Ada. Finished a blanket for her (no photos yet) then made a BSJ with the scraps.

BSJ for Ada, Pt 2

And, then there’s the trip planning. Both a short trip in the near term and our big European trip in the fall. Almost every day, Matt has some new question or fact related to that trip to distract me with. Plus promises of finding the jewelry shop in Venice where he got my engagement ring.

Finally, reminders that graduation isn’t that far off. Just over two months away. I have the announcements and the cap and gown to prove it.

I may not feel like myself yet, but I know that this “almost” should turn into “completely” very soon.

* Sore jaw due to four dentist appointments in 10 days which helped diagnose and treat what had been a multi-year problem with a single tooth. After a round of anti-biotics and a root canal, all is pretty much normal.

Day Six: Conference

First day of conference. After an overnight flight I quickly checked into my hotel and headed to the conference. Thankfully I ran into Jessica from Region H just after I checked in so she and I hung out until the Collegiate Weclome Lunch. Lunch was decent food and our first real opporunity to talk to one another. Most of the rest of the day was spent at our region meetings then career fair then the hospitality suits. Everything was great until I went to go change before meeting the Baltimore SWE ladies – five people in a hotel room. Thankfully that is now straightened out and I can head to bed.

Short Post

You’re going to have to live with a very short post today as I’m really quite tired. I got little sleep last night as I was so excited about our event today. Almost four-hundred elementary through high school girls came to campus to learn about engineering. My group learned about SolidWorks and Matlab then all did hands-on activities. My ice cream experiment was a huge hit though I felt really bad when I ran out of ice cream mixture. Eventually I may have some photos to show from that. I’m off to take a nap (no sleep + running after kids + happy hour = tired Angela).