Boyfriend – Quick FO Post

The FO itself wasn’t particularly quick, taking me a month and a half to complete. I haven’t even blocked it yet, hence the slightly too tight, slight too short nature of it as is. It’s supposed to be an easy going sweater, like you’d borrow from your boyfriend (hence the name).

The details:

Pattern: boyfriend by  Lori Versaci

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK in Pumpkin, purchased last Black Friday at fibre space’s annual sale

Yardage: Not quite sure, I’d guess 4.5 skeins so just under 1300 yards

Mods: Made it slightly shorter both in overall length and the length of the arms due to my, well, short nature

Comments on pattern: I liked this pattern but must admit that the twin rib drove me nuts. It’s one of the designer’s signature fabrics but I don’t think I’d sign up to lots more of it again. I liked that this was seamed – allowed me to practice my seaming and didn’t require me to fiddle with working on the round.

(Thanks to Matt for taking a quick iPhone photo. I sort of ambushed him in his office and made him take it. Try to ignore the green bag by my foot, wrinkled pants, and flipped up shirt hem.)

It’s November

…and we all know what that means: another year I attempt to blog daily and fail somewhere between the 13th and 18th. Don’t I just look sooo enthused?


I know, it doesn’t look good when my very first day of posting daily doesn’t happen until just before I crawl into bed. And it’s a pithy entry, too. We’ll just pretend that I wanted to spare you a long first post to wade through before I get to the point.

So we’re not without visual cues that don’t concern my I’m-ready-for-bed face: two shots of my desk, a reflection of how busy either my life or my mind is. About now, both are sort of scattered, but I’m trying to embrace the mess.

desk left

desk right

Tomorrow, there will be more words, most likely. And maybe even photos not taken when it’s pitch black outside.


I had planned to do my usual one-post-per-location showing off photos from our recent Ireland trip but decided, eh, why bother? If I take the time to do all that, with as crazy as everything is right now, I’ll never finish or never get back to blogging about other things going on in my life. All of the photos are here and here on my Flickr and, below, is the scrapbook pages I made for each portion of the trip.










Mix Tape, er, CD

One of the Flickr groups I participate in is doing a mix CD swap and I had to participate. Not because I’m any sort of musical genius who can expertly put a CD together or anything but, in my opinion, I’ve got interesting taste. Note that I didn’t say good, but interesting.

I blame my parents.

No, really, I do. See, my dad is a classically trained percussionist and my mom, sheesh, never play against her in musical trivia. My dad loves to sing and my mom jokes that she plays a mean CD player. I grew up listening to Afro-Cuban jazz and Celine Dion and Phil Collins and Carol King and who knows what else. In high school, I got into techno and acid jazz. Now, I listen to lots of pop and country with some classical and jazz thrown in, depending on my mood. I own over 200 CDs, though less than a dozen are from the last decade.

So, I put together quite the list. Here’s the tracks and why I picked them.

(1) Two Night Stand – Agent 99

No, you’ve never heard of them. My friend, Erin, knew the band because, well, they rehearsed in her garage for a few years. I’m pretty sure they’re not together anymore. This was the title song from their first CD (and maybe only CD) and it’s still a favorite of mine 8 years later.

(2) Besame Mama – Arturo Sandoval / Chico Corea, et al (Special “Jam Miami” concert recording)

Excellent, excellent CD. Some of the greats of Cuban jazz got together for a concern one night in Miami and produced this CD afterward. I was tempted to pick a song like Oye Como Va that everyone who has ever heard of Cuban music or Tito Puente but that would be too easy. 

(3) Godspeed (Hybrid Mix ) – BT

BT was one of the techno/trance groups I came to love in high school. And I still remember every moment of this song.

(4) Bernstein Portrait – Canadian Brass

Sorry, Dad. I stole this CD from you years ago. The Canadian Brass are a quartet of, well, brass-playing Canadians. This song has bits and pieces of several different Leonard Bernstein classics, from West Sing Story to Candide.

(5) No Tell Lover – Chicago

Chicago is one of my all-time favorite bands. It’s something about the brass, I think. The guys (well, some of them) have been together for over 40 years and it’s obvious that they love playing together. 

(6) Go Outside – Cults

This was a free iTunes song of the day awhile ago but I truly enjoyed the track. It just reminds me of cabin fever in winter, where all you want to do is go outside and frolic in the sun.

(7) So Right – Dave Matthews Band

My brother and I discovered Dave Matthews when I was in ninth grade. OK, he had hits before that but we got really into him them. The driving horns behind his vocals make this a favorite.

(8) Maybe I – Five for Fighting

Randomly selected track from a mostly overlooked CD (most people bought it to hear “100 Years”)

(9) That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

Does anyone not love Frank Sinatra? This is the song I listen to after a hard day.

(10) Congo – Genesis

My dad had this one CD he played on repeat called Rhythm of the Saints from when Phil Collins traveled to Africa to learn traditional percussion. This song is a sampling of what that CD was like though far more, well, Westernized (I, quite sadly, do not own a copy – yet).

(11) Up Up Up – Givers

Don’t even know where I got this song from. But you can’t help but have a smile on your face when you hear it.

(12) Are We the Waiting – Green Day

Green Day was just this band that was OK and popular with middle through college kids until the American Idiot CD came out. This song shows their maturity and depth.

(13) Hear Me in the Harmony – Harry Connick, Jr

In the ilk of Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr could sing me the phone book and I’d love every minute of it. 

(14) One Fine Day – Hiroshima

Another band that’s probably new to everyone but not to those who love acid jazz. Combine American jazz with Japanese instruments and melodies and here’s what you get.

(15) Summer Song – Joe Satriani

It’s summer and Joe Sat is an amazing guitar player – do I need another excuse?

(16) Do You Hear the People Sing? – Les Miserables Original Broadway Cast

I’ve always been a fan of Les Mis since it was our marching band theme my Freshman year of HS. I chose the most rousing number, a call to start a revolution (the French one, specifically).

(17) Gershwin: Sleepless Night – LA Philharmonic

Having been a clarinet player in a former life (ok, 6th to 11th grade), I’ve always enjoyed Gershwin. Here’s a non-Rhapsody in Blue or Porgy and Bess piece. Good tune for walking through a city you don’t know at night.

(18) You Don’t Bring Me Flowers – Neil Niamond

Another song which makes me feel like I’m really a 60 year-old woman, disguised as a 27 year-old. Here he is with Nancy Sinatra (I think).

(19) I Have Confidence – Julie Andrews (from the Sound of Music)

Any musical buff like me knows the Sound of Music by heart, but how many know this track? It’s in the movie but often forgotten about, played as Maria heads off to the von Trapp house.

(20) Caribbean Breeze – The Rippingtons

Just what the title says – a little piece of the Caribbean from a well-known smooth jazz group.

(21) Trust – The Generationals

From a compilation from the South by South West (SXSW, for short) music festival last summer, a rock-y trio sings about, well, Trust.

(22) The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

This was a big country hit last summer. I cry every time I hear it, without fail.

(23) The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga

A track to lift all of our spirits and make us wish to be and do more than we imagined

(24) Don’t Panic – Coldplay

From another oft-played CD, this song represents my two years spent at the University of Florida, though more in a looking-back-on-it-now way than a “this is where I was then” way

(25) Saturday in the Park – Chicago

Fave song, ever. Truly. 

New Start

The last time I ran was August 23, 2010. I ran an easy three miles that morning through the exciting town of Milford, Delaware. The run was no problem, stopped partly because I was tired and partly because it was extremely humid that morning. The problem only came later, when I was walking around Rehoboth with family: suddenly, I couldn’t walk because my hip was in so much pain. Eventually went to an orthopedic surgeon and got a diagnosis: bursitis. That meant either steroid shots or physical therapy or, worse yet, keeping to old short distances. I went for the fourth, non-spoken option: I quit.

I’ve thought about going back before, lots of time. When I heard about friends who kept going in our training after our big race (that I missed), when I saw people running, when we moved to a neighborhood with good sidewalks and elevation changes.

But, today is the day: I will become a runner again.

I don’t have any specific goals just yet, as I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me to get back into things. The plan is to run 3 days a week using the 5k 101 program until I successfully complete the program, when I’ll do longer runs one day a week (hopefully with a friend or two).

I’ll post over here every time I run and on FB to friends who are interested. I’m also using the Runkeeper app which automatically posts to its own timeline of sorts.

So, yeah, let’s get started.

so it continues

Things have been pretty crazy this month. Work week is full of stressful progress on a big project, weekends full of painting and landscaping. I’m ready for a vacation which, luckily, is less than two weeks away. I’ve been doing a bit of knitting, reading, and even writing but don’t much to show for any of that. So here’s my scrapbook pages for this month. Next post will likely be during or post-vacation. For now, I just don’t have enough energy left to say anything else.

April 1-7 (left side)

April 1-7 (right side)